• We design, build and distribute apps on all main platforms.

  • We create websites on all main content management systems.

External Apps

External Apps are created for the public to interact with your business. Just to name a few examples, Domino's has an app that allows customers to make orders, Jetstar have an app for customers to book flights and Optus allows customers to recharge via their app.

Internal Apps

Internal Apps are created for the use of your employees or management to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Almost every business we speak to, has something that they do manually which can be improved by an app.

Why customers choose us?

“Investment is significantly lower”

Instead of coding the same features over and over, and charging for them every time like most other companies do, we have pre-coded most common features. We are talking about the time consuming backend stuff that nobody sees. What’s the result? Your investment amount is cut in half, delivery speed is doubled and quality is of highest standard because the code is well tested.

“Everything happens quickly”

There are a number of factors that separate Qubasoft from the crowd when it comes to delivery speed. High level of care for what we do and our customers, well structured project management and a library of our ‘Ready To Go’ code guarantees faster results.

“There’s no limit to what can be done”

We can literally create anything, our team delivers top quality solutions. You tell us how it needs to work and we have the knowledge, expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.

“I didn’t have to listen to IT talk”

Creating your solution with Qubasoft is not a time consuming, costly and technical IT project. We’ve made sure to break down the process into simple steps that are easy to understand. You don’t need to know anything about IT to create your solution with us.

“Development was just the beginning”

We create beautiful apps, but our expertise don’t end there. We help customers generate profitable downloads through guiding them in their marketing and branding efforts.

“Monetisation is easy”

Your solution must generate revenue and we have just the right tools to make it happen. Whether you are interested in a paid or freemium model for your solution, we offer a full suite of powerful technology to make sure you are in profit.

Think outside the box!

The largest accommodation provider doesn't own real estate.
The World's largest taxi company doesn't own vehicles.
The most popular media provider doesn't create content.
The most valuable photo company doesn't sell cameras.
The fastest growing television network doesn't lay cables.
The most valuable retailer doesn't have inventory.

Gurus and visionaries say...

Gary Vaynerchuk
“I believe that the telephone is becoming the television, and the television is becoming the radio. This is the first time we’ve had a platform shift in our society in a half a century and I think it’s a very big deal.”
Mark Zuckerberg
“The biggest mistake we’ve made as a company is betting on web over native apps.”
Steve Wozniak
“I see a lot of similarities between the dawn of personal computing and what's happening at this beginning of the mobile era.”

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