About us

Qubasoft is a mobile-focused software company, developing apps that are fast, reliable, super intuitive and feature-rich.

Our apps have been used millions of times, and the analytics say it all — high average user ratings, strong retention and extended sessions are a few of many metrics that exemplify our quality.

We genuinely love what we do, and have believed in mobile since the very beginning, when the majority thought it was a fad. Today, the mobile economy is rapidly growing, and the need for businesses to thrive through innovation and process automation has never been higher.

Do you have a great app idea? Perhaps your company has a manual process that coud be automated through specialised software.

No matter your software goal, we’ll deliver the results.

Our mission

“We exist to improve human lives in small and significant ways, using software as our vehicle for positive change.”

Our vision

To take daily steps towards our Mission, we’ve put together a set of goals:

Purpose – Everything we do must have a purpose and be directly aligned with our Vision, Mission and Values.

People – People are everything. We treat others how we would want to be treated.

Professionalism – While we don’t force a corporate environment, we are professional in every sense of the term.

Giving – We believe in giving more than we take.

Execution – We move quickly and precisely.

Results – We are result-driven. Numbers don’t lie.

Profit – To exist as a company and share our talent with the world, we ensure our transactions are profitable while benefiting all parties involved.

Our values

Our values are placed at the forefront of everything we do.

Equality – We treat everyone equally, with respect and kindness.

Passion – Our passion is present in every action.

Accountability – We take full responsibility for our actions and admit and fix our mistakes.

Care – We genuinely care.

Persistence – Failure is not a bad thing. We learn the lesson and try again until a successful outcome is reached.

Ambition – We want to do big things.