How It Works

Our projects are divided into clear, manageable stages and you are never committed to the full project. We don’t believe in retaining our relationship by locking you in with a contract, instead we focus on the quality of service we deliver.

You are only committing to the project stage which you have approved the commencement of and the investment of each stage is determined by the amount of hours it takes to complete it.

Stage One
Project Planning is a very important stage which often doesn’t receive the attention it should. We believe a well planned scope is the backbone of a successful project.

A well planned project means lower and fixed costs, smooth development and timely release.

Stage Two
You get to see the app before we even start developing. We design each app screen, polish it until perfect and only then move onto the next stage.

Stage Three
Building the prototype doesn’t increase the overall project investment and allows you to get a feel of what the final product is going to be like half way through the development cycle. Building a prototype ensures that we are all on the same page and is also a fantastic tool to attract investors and raise funding.

Stage Four
Once the prototype is approved, we move onto actual development. Turning the prototype into a functional app.

Stage Five
We assist with planning your release and deploy the app to all platforms which it has been developed for.

We would love to answer your questions.