Supporting materials

We’ll provide wireframes, product mock-ups and other materials for you to present as part of your business loan application, investor pitch or other capital raising process.

One-hour strategy session included

As part of this initial phase of your project, we’ll sit down with you to strategise how you’ll approach potential investors, along with addressing key points and answering commonly asked questions.

Technical documentation provided

Wireframes, full workflow outlines, and a user interface (UI) prototype will all be included as part of the deliverables for this phase of your project. This’ll allow you to visualise how the final product will function and provide feedback before the build stage commences.

No lock-in guarantee

As with every phase of your project, you’re able to withdraw at the end of the Invest Ready process; you’re never committed to more than one project phase at a time.

Better yet, you’re able to retain any intellectual property (IP), allowing you to take your project in-house, move it to a different developer or even put it on pause – the choice is always yours.

That said, if our existing clients are anything to go by, then this is all a moot point: despite having had this guarantee in place for several years, we can proudly say it’s never been taken up.