Fixed-price guarantee

We provide a fixed-price guarantee as a safety net for our clients.

In reality, predicting the exact number of hours a product may take to develop is impossible. If the development hours turn out to be higher than actual billable hours, Qubasoft takes on this risk and delivers the services at no additional cost.

Lean development commitment

We understand the importance of working under a lean budget. Over the years, we have implemented many internal systems and code libraries to deliver software at a lower cost.

On average, our software builds cost around ~40% less compared to less established and systemised teams.

Build costs

Our clients commonly choose to develop software at the $20,000+GST per month pace.

As we go through the development cycle, your product reaches different milestones:

4 Months – MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
4 to 6 Months – Medium (Medium-Sized Product)
6 to 8+ Months – Large (Large-Sized Product)

Clients finish at different milestones depending on the project’s requirements, complexity, and funding. For example, Medium-sized projects are most common for the first release. After that point, depending on the client’s needs, we continue building or move onto the Aftercare phase.

For further information, including our hourly rate, please get in touch.

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