We work hard and smart to minimise your investment amount while maximising returns. Our development approach results in lower quotes compared to other reputable firms, and in some cases our quotes beat competitors by up to 50%.

We offer fixed priced solutions that are guided by our hourly rate. The reality is that it’s impossible to guess an exact number of hours a solution may take to develop and in many cases, development hours are higher than actual billable hours, which is a risk we take as a company to provide our customers with fixed price solutions.

Small Projects
~380 Hours

Mid-Sized Projects
~560 Hours

Large Projects
800+ Hours

Majority of our projects fall into the Mid-Sized category, averaging at around ~560 hours.

We never commit our customers to full projects, instead you are only committing to the project stage which you have approved the commencement of. There are many more benefits to share, please get in touch with us for more information on our pricing and development approach.

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