1. Plan

Before we begin, we’ll work to understand your business plan, your ideal audience and your target user base, along with how you want your app to look and some of the features you’d like included. This will also include deciding on the right technologies to use, as well as laying out budgets and associated time frames.

2. Design

Here’s where the full design for the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) come in, combining form and function to create a beautiful interface for your users, as well as a straightforward means to generate revenue from your app.

3. Fund

If you’re seeking external funding, looking for investment or applying for a business loan to help support your project, here is where we’ll assist you by providing supporting materials, including wireframes, early visualisations and fixed costs.

4. Prototype

Roughly half-way through the development cycle, we’ll have a version of your app ready for you to view and interact with, providing an early opportunity for you to give the team feedback as development progresses.

5. Develop

The main event – and among the most time-intensive stages of your development project. Our team gets to work on building out a feature-rich, fast and functional mobile app, in line with yours and your customers’ requirements.

6. Test

Once the main stage of development is completed, a process of thorough testing begins. We’ll assume the role of an end user, simulating the different actions they’re likely to take while using your app, all in pursuit of a smooth and seamless user experience.

7. Launch

The exciting part: your product launch. Our team aims for everything to run smoothly, as well as helping to manage approvals processes. From there, your app is listed on digital storefronts, ready to be downloaded by new users.

8. Maintain

We’ll conduct ongoing optimisations to your app post-launch, including monitoring reviews and customer feedback, any bug reports or other unforeseen quirks that may arise once your app is released.

9. Grow

Here’s where we work with you to look for opportunities to further optimise your app, implement user feedback, increase downloads and get it onto more peoples’ devices – and because profitability is always key, this stage includes a particular focus on improving the features and functions of your app that generate revenue.