What will it cost to build my app?

Please head to our Pricing page to learn about average build costs, and get in touch for an initial discussion and to request a full quote.

How long will the process take?

On average, a full build will take approximately six months. That said, specific timeframes will vary from project to project, with factors like integrations, features and number of screens helping to influence total build times. See the Timeframes page to learn more.

What kind of guarantees do you offer?

Because it can be hard to predict the exact number of hours a product may take to develop, we provide a fixed-price guarantee as a safety net for all our clients. So, if any stage of development takes longer than originally predicted, you’ll only pay for the amount of development hours you initially agreed to.

Additionally, we offer a no lock-in guarantee. At the end of each stage of your project, you’re free to transition your project to a different developer, move it to an in-house team or simply put it on pause indefinitely. You maintain full freedom, control and – most importantly – ownership, meaning that your app and all of the intellectual property (IP) relating to it remain yours always – so you’re never locked in, and never committed beyond the project stage you’re in at that time.

Does my app idea have to be unique?

Not necessarily. We’ve previously helped build apps that have gone on to enjoy significant success in high-competition industries.

Oftentimes, it’s not necessarily the idea itself that is the most important aspect; rather, it will be you, your team and the people helping to execute your idea that will make the difference.

Do I maintain ownership and legal rights to my app while you build it?

Absolutely – the IP (intellectual property) relating to your app remains yours during and after development.

Will you help with listing my app on the App Store?

Definitely – as part of the launch phase of your project, we’ll aim to meet all of the requirements and regulations set out by Apple and Google, working to achieve an easy publishing experience for you, and a smooth launch for your app.

What kind of apps have you built in the past?

Qubasoft has designed, published and optimised mobile apps in just about every category and genre you could think of. Usually, they’re either data- or content-driven, required to run across all main platforms and be easily integrated with existing software and systems.

Think property development, event planning, health and pharmaceuticals, government, personal development, training and education, gaming and more.

How collaborative will the process be?

From your initial strategy session through to aftercare, we want to involve you as much as possible throughout the journey, and will aim to gather your feedback at every stage.
You’ll also be the first to try out early-stage demo versions of your app, giving you an opportunity to help shape the experience.

Will you develop my app for both main mobile platforms?

Absolutely – our team has experience across both iOS and Android operating systems, so your product will be built from the ground up to be optimised for both.

What’s the communication process like?

You’ll have a dedicated project manager assigned to you from beginning to end, helping to guide you through the process, answer your questions and relay your suggestions back to the development team.

What happens after my app is built?

Depending on how you’d like to continue working with us, we offer a range of services as part of our Aftercare phase, which include optimising your app ongoing, adding new features and working to efficiently address bugs or issues that may arise post-release.