How much does it cost to develop an app?

Our clients commonly choose to develop software at the $20,000 +GST per month pace.
As we go through the development cycle, your product reaches different milestones:

4 Months – Approx. $80,000 + GST – Small
Up to five screens without User Accounts and without complex features, such as API Integrations, Push Notifications, etc.

4 to 6 Months – Approx. $120,000 + GST – Medium
Up to ten screens with User Accounts and medium complexity API Integrations.

6 to 8+ Months – Approx. $160,000 + GST and over – Large
Over fifteen screens with User Accounts, complex API Integrations, Push Notifications and other advanced features.

Our clients finish development at different milestones depending on the project’s requirements, complexity, and funding availability.

For example, Medium-sized projects are most common for the first release. After the release, depending on your needs, we will either continue developing or move on to the Aftercare phase.

Fixed-price guarantee

Rather than charging by the hour, we provide a fixed price for each stage of development, mutually agreed upon in advance. Should any stage of development take longer than originally predicted, we incur the associated costs.
And given our systemised approach to software development, our costs are up to 40% lower compared with other Enterprise-grade teams.