What funding opportunities are available for app dev?

If you’re looking for funding options to kick-start your app development project but aren’t sure where to start, The Australian Government offers several funding options for app and software development projects, primarily aimed at boosting innovation and entrepreneurship within the local tech sector.

Read on to learn about some of the key funding programs available Australia-wide for software and app development projects.

Helpful Tip

It’s essential to research and assess the eligibility criteria, application process and funding conditions for each program to determine the most suitable funding opportunity for your app or software development project.

Consulting with relevant government agencies, business advisors, or industry associations can also provide further guidance and support in accessing funding opportunities.

Research and Development (R&D) tax incentive

Among the most popular for Australian startups and entrepreneurs, this program provides a tax offset for eligible R&D activities undertaken by companies based in Australia, including those involved in app and software development. It aims to encourage businesses to innovate and conduct R&D projects that benefit the local economy.

Entrepreneurs’ Programme

This initiative offers support and funding to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity. It includes grants, advisory services and support for commercialising and collaboration efforts.

Accelerating Commercialisation Grants

Houses under the above-mentioned Entrepreneurs’ Programme, this grant provides financial assistance to help businesses commercialise novel products, processes, or services, including software and apps. It supports activities such as product testing, market validation and scaling up for global markets.

Innovation and Science Australia (ISA) Grants

ISA offers various grants and funding programs to support innovation, research and tech development in Australia. These grants may be applicable to your app or software development project, depending on its objectives.

State Government grants

Additionally, various state and territory governments offer funding programs and incentives to support technology innovation and entrepreneurship. These programs can include grants, loans, tax incentives and other kinds of support for app and software dev initiatives.

Digital grants

The Australian government periodically launches digital-focused grants and initiatives to support the development of digital technologies, particularly apps and software. These programs aim to enhance digital capabilities, promote digital adoption and drive economic growth in the digital sector.