How can custom software provide a competitive edge?

Many of the conversations the Qubasoft team is having with prospective clients right now are being had with larger companies who are re-evaluating their tech stack and the suite of tools they’re using internally.

Specifically, many are looking to replace their existing off-the-shelf software subscriptions – like project management, relationship management and case management tools – with custom-built proprietary software.

Many of the benefits to this approach are clear, like addressing missing features in existing software and cutting down on the exorbitant costs associated with licensing enterprise software.

Here are a few benefits you may not have thought of.

Quick Answer

Increased efficiency, improved scalability, future-proofing and brand enhancement are all ways that custom software development can provide a competitive edge to your organisation.

Increased efficiency and productivity

Emphasise how the new software streamlines workflows, reduces manual tasks, and boosts overall productivity. Provide metrics or case studies illustrating the efficiency gains.

Scalability and future-proofing

Discuss how the proprietary software is designed to scale alongside the company’s growth and evolving needs. Highlight the flexibility to add new features or integrate with other systems in the future.


Position the adoption of proprietary software as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to innovation and staying ahead of the competition. Showcase unique features or functionalities that set your solutions apart.

Brand enhancement

Incorporate the software transition into your marketing strategy as a unique selling point. Highlight it in your branding materials, website, press releases, and social media channels. Consider creating case studies or whitepapers to showcase the benefits.