Used by physiologists, technicians, nurses, doctors and medical company representatives, PPM Genius was designed to support allied medical professionals caring for patients with implantable cardiac devices.

Each product listed on the app is linked to the respective manufacturer’s own description and recommendations, and any potential safety alerts or hazards are pushed directly to the user.

A regularly updated Vital Statistics section covers over 6700 worldwide products, and a comprehensive Reference Section delivers in-depth information on product updates and landmark clinical trials.

Main Technologies


The challenge

Intuitive repository
Practitioners and patients both needed access to the same key data, like information relating to device manufacturers, models, product types and important safety data.
Simplified search function
Medical professionals and their patients required a fast and intuitive search function, easily viewing products of interest and comparing functional details and safety features.
Direct link to manufacturers
Product updates, new recommendations and potential recall announcements needed to be reflected in the app in real time, so that users had access to the most up-to-date information.
Safety alerts
Safety was always paramount, so safety alerts and updates related to specific devices needed to be pushed to users and patients immediately in a clear and actionable manner.