Noticing a recent resurgence of interest in and awareness of the power of astrology, the creators of Solfile came to us wanting to build an app that would bring this ancient practice to modern users.

Both businesses and individuals would benefit, with an app that serves as both a support tool and everyday companion, supporting them through specific milestones in their life – opportunities, challenges and major decisions.

With its unique algorithm, Solfile combines modern personality profiling techniques with precisely applied ancient astrological wisdom, leading to greater personal achievement and career satisfaction.


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Main Technologies


The challenge

365 day accuracy
The app needed to provide actionable insights based on the specific date and time of the user's birth, and be able to apply this info to a range of present-day data points.
Precise tracking
With tens of thousands of possible combinations of data, Solfile’s data had to be calculated down to the minute, with a robust processing engine providing users with clear insights.
Detailed reporting
With additional reporting capabilities, users would benefit from detailed insights into key events and opportunities, as well as receiving system-generated answers to their questions.
Personalised results
With the use of push notifications and in-app alerts, users needed to be able to receive personalised reccomendations and support, based on their unique astrological profile.