Search Engine Optimisation

Today, SEO is about long term results and Paid Advertising is about instant traffic — most of our customers do both.

We specialise in Search Engine Optimisation that delivers quality visitors to your site and complements your brand. We work with Brisbane businesses as well as customers Nationwide.

SEO has really changed over the last couple of years. Back in the day, you would usually select a few keywords and we would start optimising with the aim to rank on page one, within a certain time frame. This is no longer the case, as Google algorithms became a lot smarter and competition has increased.

Establishing an authority website is very valuable for any business, but unfortunately we no longer have the shortcuts to get there as we did in the past. The times of creating a bunch of average quality links or having an exact match domain are gone. Today’s SEO is about longterm effort, quality content and last but not least obtaining high quality backlinks from authority websites.

We are transparent about our SEO efforts, most campaigns include:

On-page Optimisation
We make sure that your website code is clean, all necessary meta-data is in place, URLs are optimised and the site has a strong hierarchy.

Content is King
We need quality unique content, and a lot of it. Even for basic sites, we recommended setting up 20 to 30 informational pages and a weekly blog on top of that.

Mobile Usability

In April 2015, Google has announced that not being compatible with mobiles will directly affect your search results. In addition, your potential customers will most likely close your site if it’s not viewable on their device. Your website has to be responsive.

High Quality Backlinks
We can no longer create a bunch of average quality links and hope it will make a difference, today’s SEO is about acquiring natural backlinks from authority websites and blogs. In other words, quality over quantity.

Picking a small amount of keywords and giving you a time frame to reach page 1 is no longer realistic, instead we will be reviewing the overall performance of your website. You will receive a monthly report on overall traffic, user retention, amount of search terms that your website comes up under and conversion rates if you are an online store.

In most cases, you will see an increase in all stats after 2 months of starting your campaign. There’s no locked in contracts, so at that point you will be able to measure your results and make an educated decision on how long your campaign should be active for. Most of our customers stay with us for years.

We would love to answer your SEO questions.