Web Hosting

If you plan for your website to come up in local search engines, it’s important that your site is hosted on local Australian servers with 99% up time and fast loading speeds. This is exactly what we offer.

Also, if you are planning or have already started creating your website with us, having the site hosted under the same roof will make management much easier.

2GB Storage
8GB Traffic
1 FTP Account
5 Email Accounts
1 MySQL Database
1 Subdomain
1 Parked Domain
1 Addon Domain
$10 Setup Fee
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4GB Storage
18GB Traffic
3 FTP Accounts
10 Email Accounts
3 MySQL Databases
5 Subdomains
5 Parked Domains
5 Addon Domains
$10 Setup Fee
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8GB Storage
32 GB Traffic
10 FTP Accounts
Unlimited Email Accounts
10 MySQL Databases
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Parked Domains
Unlimited Addon Domains
Free Setup
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